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ESOP NDITO EFIK EFUT YE QUA Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

Brief History of the ESOP

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ESOP in the Efik language literally means “Court” but when associated with a group of people coming together for a purpose, is could be interpreted as an “Organization or Association” NDITO in the Efik language literally means “Children”. But when seen along side ethnic groups it is interpreted as the “People” EFIK, EFUT and QUA are some of the ethnic groups that makeup CALABAR a city, in Cross River State of Nigeria.


If ESOP NDITO EFIK EFUT YE QUA, were to be translated as spoken, it would have meant the Court of the Children the of Efik, Efut and Qua. But when interpreted as explain above, it means the Organization or Association the People of Efik, Efut and Qua.


The ESOP NDITO EFIK EFUT YE QUA is a controversial offshoot of ESOP Mkparawa. Mkparawa in Efik language means “Young Men”. Therefore the ESOP Mkparawa is the Organization of the Young Men of Efik. Therefore the organization of the Efik people in the various towns in the country was called ESOP Mkparawa with Central body in Lagos.


With this name, it was seen most of the time by the elderly Efik people (Ma and Ete) living outside Calabar as an organization of the young men, as the name implies. The young women too even though they attended meetings of the ESOP Mkparawa, they did not see themselves as belonging, since they were not Mkparawa but Nkaiferi meaning young ladies. Therefore ESOP Mkparawa was not all embracing as the Efik Nation is concern.      


In Warri, the Oil City in Delta State, Nigeria, there was a situation where the women became very agitated as they felt, there were not being taken into the main stream of the ESOP Mkparawa in Warri. This agitation, led to a brainstorming session in one of the meetings. Out of the names suggested, ESOP NDITO EFIK EFUT YE QUA a suggestion made by Mma Grace Bassey, now known as Mrs Grace Adowei, a Nursing Sister with the NNPC Medical Department, Warri, but now on transfer to Por-Harcourt, was accepted as all embracing as both the young and old, men and women do not feel left out. With this name, the fellowship will now embrace the Efik Nation as a whole living Warri and not just the Mkparawas.   


The ESOP which is based in Delta State, Nigeria, has its head quarter in Warri. Till date the ESOP has been waxing stronger with all members putting their best in promoting the Social and Cultural Image of our Fatherland, Calabar, popularly known as CANAAN CITY.



In 1983 Mr. E. E. Eyo who is a retiree of the Inland Waterways Department, Warri, now residing in Calabar, was the 1st President of the ESOP. He is now a Patron of the ESOP.

Some of his executive members were:

Chief L. A. Edet -                     1st Vice President

Mr. J. A. K. Marshall - 2nd Vice President

Mr. R. E. I. Kadana -               3rd Vice President

Mr. Otu A. Otu    -                   General Secretary

Miss Grace Bassey -                Financial Secretary

Mr. C. P. E. Archibong -          Assit. General Secretary


Chief L. A. Edet who was the 1st vice President and an immigration Officer then, took over as President in 1987.


Mr. J. A. K. Marshall took over as President from Chief L. A. Edet, in 1999


Chief C. P. E. Archibong who presently is the President of the ESOP took over from Mr. J. A. K. Marshall.


The following are the current Executives:

Mr. Silvanus  Efiom -                1st Vice President

Barrister Inyang N. Inyang -      2nd Vice President

Mr. Archibong Archibong -      General Secrtary

Mrs. Sylvia Inyahg -                 Financial Secretary

Princess Patience Asoquo -      Treasurer

Engr. Isac A. Aikoroje -           Public Relation Officer

Mr. Inyang Willie -                   Welfare Officer

Mrs Rebecca Eboh -                Women Leader


Other Members of the ESOP are:

Mrs.     Agness Okon

Mrs.     Juliet Archibong

Mrs.     Philo Aikoroje

Miss.    Rose Pius

Mrs.     Christy Keyes -            Canada

Mrs.     Mary    Ishie -               Canada

Pastor E. Edet

Mr.      Coco Bassey

Madam Beneedict Ishie                       

Mr.      Ekpe Ita

Miss.    Afiong Etim

Miss.    Ayimoh Essien

Mr. George Offiong

Miss.    Essienawan Edet

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