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ESOP NDITO EFIK EFUT YE QUA Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

Aims and Objectives of the ESOP

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The Motto of the ESOP is: Unity, Love and Progress



The purpose of this ESOP in a nutshell is to increase the popularity of our common interests and that of our. We believe that membership will increase from time to time so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun when we are together and working on projects either in the City we live in or in our State, the Cross River State, or our personal businesses.



1.         Our mission is to further promote the interests of the ESOP and Cross River State to the local community, and the state we are living in, the country and the world as a whole.


2.         To foster good relationship among all members resident in Delta State. By developing relationships and friendships, the ESOP will become even stronger and Cross River State becomes better.


3.         To embark on any legitimate business venture which the Executive Committee may consider lucrative, subject to the approval of the general house.


4.         To preserve and uphold the cultural identity of members clans and Cross River State as a whole.


5.         To carry out self help project in the City or State we find ourselves and in our State, the Cross River State.


6.         To give financial and moral assistance members in need and when necessary, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.



The above are just and except from a well written and adopted Constitution of the ESOP with well spelt out aims and objectives. The Constitution is given to a member during registration.

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